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Knives - Crooked

Crooked Knife

The crooked knife is a woodworker's tool, which has been used traditionally by Native Americans and North American woodsmen for making axe handles, canoe paddles, shaping the ribs of birch bark canoes, etc. The handy feature of a crooked knife is that you can hold on to your piece of wood in one hand and shave with the crooked knife in the other hand. This allows you to carry your crooked knife anywhere in the woods and not need a shaving horse. When the woods were being cut with axes and handsaws, the woodsmen would always have a crooked knife handy to replace broken axe handles. Click here to see more information on the crooked knife.

The handle is made of bird's eye maple or curly maple, wrapped with leather lace. You can choose from the scroll head, loon head, or wide top handle shapes.

Two types of blade are available. The Straight Blade is perfect for canoe paddles and birch bark canoe work, while the Curved Blade is perfect for gouging burl bowls.

Please let us know if you need a left handed version.

Comes with canvas carrying bag.

Description Blade Length (approx.) Price
Crooked Knife - Straight Blade 4-3/4" $200.00
Crooked Knife - Curved Blade 3-1/4" $200.00